Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wevershuis - Leiden Weavershouse

I'll organize an exhibition in Leiden's smallest museum in September 2008.

Art seen in London Galleries

Detail of an installation by David Johnson
or (
in the Fieldgate Gallery, London, in the Analogue & Digital show.

It was a projection of a stream onto a suspended wooden table on which was placed a small white rock-like object.

Detail of the installation
(a video projection and pencil drawing on the wall)
Clear by Sarah Gillam
in The Women's Library, London.

Performance at the Laban Centre

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Installations + performances in Leiden

1st December, Scheltema Arts Centre, Leiden

performances in The Hague

24th November, The Hague
I saw two performances that were part of the 5 event festival POW Reflections 2.

Theatre-maker and performance artist, Peter Zegveld, created a half hour of sounds, explosions and fleeting images.

Then the POW ensemble (a Dutch-based computer music group) gave us their Noise of the Loudspeaker performance of sound + image conducted mainly via various loudspeaker constructions. See:

Above: POW: Luc, Robert, Horst, Han