Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wevershuis - Leiden Weavershouse

I'll organize an exhibition in Leiden's smallest museum in September 2008.

Art seen in London Galleries

Detail of an installation by David Johnson
or (
in the Fieldgate Gallery, London, in the Analogue & Digital show.

It was a projection of a stream onto a suspended wooden table on which was placed a small white rock-like object.

Detail of the installation
(a video projection and pencil drawing on the wall)
Clear by Sarah Gillam
in The Women's Library, London.

Performance at the Laban Centre

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Installations + performances in Leiden

1st December, Scheltema Arts Centre, Leiden

performances in The Hague

24th November, The Hague
I saw two performances that were part of the 5 event festival POW Reflections 2.

Theatre-maker and performance artist, Peter Zegveld, created a half hour of sounds, explosions and fleeting images.

Then the POW ensemble (a Dutch-based computer music group) gave us their Noise of the Loudspeaker performance of sound + image conducted mainly via various loudspeaker constructions. See:

Above: POW: Luc, Robert, Horst, Han

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Dogs" exhibition opening in Leiden + new video / dvd

sound course + exhibition at the Royal Art College in The Hague

The rest of the month flew by, with me learning Audacity: a fantastic crossplatform open source sound editing programme, which you also control by programming or by moving knobs or sliders.

Have I raved enough about this yet? Have a listen: my Big Ben remix is made in this.
I also spent the month, gradually clearing out some boxes from our recent move, did a bit of freelance webwork for the HBB site and some reading for the Paragone courses on image + text and the contemporary festivals in Europe courses.

Birthday of the Bab and a walk in a forest

20th October
We drove two and half hours eastward to Ab's family home in a forest, where Toroa, Tama, Tahirih and I created a short mediation of music and slide projections in the living room.

This link has a little information about who the Bab was on a website that I will finish oneday.

And this link: What is a Bahai, is a short intro
(ook in het Nederlands).

Then some of us went for a walk in the forest and we took some photos of Toroa with his namesake, Ab. We used to see Ab a lot in the days we lived in a tiny summer house in rural Limburg.

16th October :: on gaming + augmented reality :: Amsterdam

On October 16th I attended a seminar titled Games as tools. The first lecture by Friedrich Kirschner ( who showed his Moviesandbox application for modifying characters and setting inside the Unreal Tournament engine. It was the first time I'd seen a mod that I thought went a bit more than showing off the programmer's skills. In his case, he had developed something so non-programmers could use this. (see:

Above: Friedrich Kirschner at the Cinekid Games as Tools Seminar. This image shows how he dipped objects in milk to make a 3D (displacement) scan. He has instructions for how you can use this Milkscanner application for use in 3D environments here.

The next speaker was Daniel van Gils who showed an interactive project he developed for the VPRO (Dutch public broadcasting corporation with a focus on culture + art) children's programme Villapark.
There's a review about this event on the University of Amsterdam Masters of Media blog. The seminar was the kick-off for the 4 day Games-in-crossmedia workshop.

I went to another lecture a day later, given by New Zealander Julian Oliver where he showed his augmented reality box, Levelhead. Basically: a webcam interpretes patterns on a face of a cube and c++ converts these into a 3D image of a rooms, doorways and stairs which a figure can move about in. You navigate the figure's walking movement by moving the cube in front of the webcam.

festival link of the week: Cinekid annual festival in Amsterdam of interactive installations, films, lectures, etc:

Saturday, October 27, 2007

13th October :: Leiden art galleries

On a sunny October the 13th day, Sen and I went to our first art opening in many years.
The gallery has been around in Leiden for a while, but it is was our first visit.

Molly + Fred, who run the gallery were so welcoming, and in fact the atmosphere was great.

Some artists, curators, a small museum director, and Leiden visitors in the Expansionist Art Empire gallery, on the Nieuwe Rijn.

I also visited another Leiden gallery for the first time a few days beforehand. Gerda had told me about the RAP (Rijnlands Architectuur Platform) gallery, which focuses on architecture and art or art with a some connection to space. I liked the idea of this Leiden artist's project, Stadsvogel zoekt huis (city bird seeks home), where everyone was invited to submit a sustainable birdhouse to be added into the space ove a period of two months.

Fredy Beckmans (in the photo) has made 1000s of birdhouse reliefs for the past 10 years. For the lecture/opening, he made a performance of taking out loose pages out of an artist book of his, which he then opened up each page, to reveal an image of a bird. Then he dramatically crunched each up into his fists. The acoustics of the narrow space were really good, as the sounds of crunching and smoothing made each page seem like a tactile experience. He then held up each straightened out page displaying the creases (and materiality of the page and bird image). Finally he refolded each of the 5 or so pages. Now he announced the book was much fuller (with creases and all).

The rest of the week was filled with some freelance web design work and the 3 courses I'm taking. For one of them, for an exercise in sound synthesis, I came across some brilliant interactive / sound work by the Japanese musician, composer, programer and improvisation performer, Chikashi Miyama. He's got a few interesting videos on YouTube at:

music link of the week: Granular Synthesis. Jon Mackey, the author of the video says of it: The audio processes of Granular Synthesis was adopted for video in the process of editing this piece, producing a distinct separation between myself in the present and myself in the past. He also has some music on mySpace: some wacky experimental folk. Go Listen!

art link of the week: Ludy Feyen, one of the Leiden artists in the first photo above
new media link of the week: AV festival, U.K.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October :: Study in Leiden

Busy these past few weeks with some studies at Leiden University plus a sound course held in the interactive media department of the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. The sound course is run by Geert Oddens + Robert Pravda and I'm re-vamping the soundpiece/s for the Cross Pollination sculpture, partly as an experiment to see how much I can do in the open source programme: Audacity and partly to see if the work might be interesting with various sounds (via 9 speakers) as well as the composite of sounds from the 'beehive'. If I'm happy with it, I'll post the stuff on my myspace.

I took this photo during the performance Man in by the French dance group, Res Publica + the Belgian designers, Lab[au] at the Today's Art Festival on September 22nd in the Hague Atrium.

The two other studies I'm doing are one in the Literature dept on image/beeld and one in the Arts dept on festivals in europe. Also Joris and I made a start on an interactive imaging project/thing we want to make together. Toroa is in Rome this week for a school trip and so we are currently a one teenager family. Yesterday we bought a massage chair (on special for 49 Euros) to go with Nandor (the computer Tama is often at and which often sends these blogs). Sen is working on a new Persian translation project with a lecturer at the university for a book.

music link of the week: POW Ensemble Hague based experimental folk / jazz / electronic
art link of the week:
Clare Carswell a friend and Oxford-based artist

Monday, October 1, 2007

30th September :: New sculpture + London visit

I'm just back from an invigorating 3 days in London.
I went to pick up our latest sculpture from a group show on the northern edge of London, which was in the grounds of the Museum of Domestic Design + Architecture.

<< Cross Pollination 2007
by Sen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff
See: for more images and text about the ideas behind this work.

However as usual, I used it as an opportunity to catch up with friends and to see art exhibitions.

<< Tamatea + Sonja
28 September 2007

Photo: Shaun

Even though I've been over to London 2 or 3 times a year for the past decade, it still excites my antipodean roots to walk the streets of London.

This time I started with a few galleries in the Picadilly area and walked up along Edgeware Road but the Lisson was still putting up it's show, so I took a few photos of the foam wood-foundations of installations-to-be in in the space.
I then zipped eastward to Bethnal Green for another 6 or 7 exhibitions, soaking up the luxury of so much visual diversity before arriving tired + happy at Kath + Shaun's for a night of catching up.

Eve, Tama, Shaun, Kath, 30 September 2007
I know Kath and Eve from our Tahora Days.

On returning on Saturday, I was almost high from all the socializing. I'd met some old friends (artists) at one of the galleries, which almost never happens in the Netherlands, but always amazes me that it happens at least once a year in London.

music link of the week: Kath Tait of course!
art link of the week: Daniel Lehan a London friend