Thursday, October 11, 2007

October :: Study in Leiden

Busy these past few weeks with some studies at Leiden University plus a sound course held in the interactive media department of the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague. The sound course is run by Geert Oddens + Robert Pravda and I'm re-vamping the soundpiece/s for the Cross Pollination sculpture, partly as an experiment to see how much I can do in the open source programme: Audacity and partly to see if the work might be interesting with various sounds (via 9 speakers) as well as the composite of sounds from the 'beehive'. If I'm happy with it, I'll post the stuff on my myspace.

I took this photo during the performance Man in by the French dance group, Res Publica + the Belgian designers, Lab[au] at the Today's Art Festival on September 22nd in the Hague Atrium.

The two other studies I'm doing are one in the Literature dept on image/beeld and one in the Arts dept on festivals in europe. Also Joris and I made a start on an interactive imaging project/thing we want to make together. Toroa is in Rome this week for a school trip and so we are currently a one teenager family. Yesterday we bought a massage chair (on special for 49 Euros) to go with Nandor (the computer Tama is often at and which often sends these blogs). Sen is working on a new Persian translation project with a lecturer at the university for a book.

music link of the week: POW Ensemble Hague based experimental folk / jazz / electronic
art link of the week:
Clare Carswell a friend and Oxford-based artist

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