Friday, August 22, 2008

Travels in the UK+ Scotland

It was fantastic!

The yellow dots indicate where we slept at least one night.

a summary:
*Kath's performance at our opening
*Yorkshire Sculpture Park
*Enjoying the Burnlaw Bahai community spirit
*Getting feedback from Sarah in Edinburgh on my paper
*Spending time with Tim + Vanessa and their daughter
*The Stirling Folkclub night
*An overdose of Scottish castles, cathedrals + mansions.
*Paddy + Catherine's farm+forest
*Finding Pict stones
*The sea at Lossiemouth
*Findhorn community
*Painting a house on skye
*Folkclub in Biggar, but the elderly centre the following morning was more fun!
*Final dose of Scottish ruins before we returned to Roger + Marion at Burnlaw
*Taking down the exhibition in London
*St. Albans Cathedral + Roman ruins
*The Shuttleworth airplane collection in Bedford
*Dinner party in our van + performances in a Bethnall Green gallery (London)
*Winchester on our only day in the UK it did not rain.
*Camping in a paddock near Beer, Devon
*Chilling out in Somerset
*Cookham town
*Toroa returns for work via Luton airport
*Visiting NZ Bahais in Romsford
*Sonja returns for a meeting via Stansted airport
*Punting in Cambridge
*Ely Cathedral
*Norwich + some lakes (Hickling) on the coast

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