Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our travels for 21 August - 30 September 2012

Big blobs indicate where we slept
21: Vuren + de Waal + Reed roofed houses (about 50 km south of Utrecht), Bemmel (dinner at Sonja's cousin's place), Nijmegen

22: Lineke's place, Indonesian dolls, Oploo haystack + camel, Deurne (to visit Sonja's 98 year old aunt), Venray (Mindmap exhibition at the St. Anna psychriatic complex)
23: motorway stop about 10 km north, Venray: 19th century shrine (St. Annakapeltje, monumentje van devotie nr. 47 (St Anna Chapel)), Odapark + Mindmap exhibition).

21 Aug: Parked at Vuren, a village beside the Waal river about 50 km south of Utrecht.
22 Aug: At Oploo, Sen + Ans photograph a Monet-like haystack before we encountered the camel in the field.

24: Germany: motorway stop about 200 km east of the Dutch border, then a sprinkling of small villages:
Meerhof, Oesdorf, Westheim, Arolsen, Wolfhagen, Ehlen. We slept in a forest about 20 km south-west of Kassel.

25-27: Documenta, Kassel. (About Documenta)

26 Aug: Sen is asleep in our tent in de D-Occupy camp in front of the Fridericianum

27-28: 30 km east of Kassel, villages, Eisenach, forest 30km nth of Bayreuth And that's it folks! No time for more.

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