Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dick Raaijmakers book launch, appearance + performance

I attended this event on January 27th in the Amsterdam concert hall on the Ij.

Dick Raaijmakers (1930) live on the screen via a webcam from his home, while Arjen Mulder (a Dutch media theorist and one of the co-author's of Dick's new book (Monografie: the website is only in Dutch).) asked him a pile of questions. In one of the stunning auditoriums in the muziekgebouw aan't Ij,

Dick Raaijmakers, one of the pioneers in electronic music in the Netherlands, is mainly known as a composer, who has made numerious installation-performances involving electronic music or sound where visual aspects are part of the artistic production.

I know of him mainly because of a lecture I heard in 2006 in at the Eindhoven Strp festival, given by Kees Tazelaar, where I heard his compositions and saw his revolutionary 1960's animations.

Some interviews with Dick Raaijmakers are here on the v2 website.

Then Raaijmaker's 1979 performance De grafische methode fiets (The graphic methodical bicycle) was re-performed by Bart

See this arts blog (in Dutch) for a series of photos of this performance.

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