Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July - August : Travels in the UK

A summary:
*Driving to Dunkirk + arriving at Dover
*Art in London + hanging our work in Regents Park
*Matt's BBQ in Sheffield + losing and finding our valuables
*Downpour in York (and lots of walking around)
*Debbie and her amazing mahi harakeke
*Tyre blow-out and a night at a garage
*Bahais in Newcastle and at Burnlaw
*Roger + Marion help us set up art for the Carlisle Arts Festival
*Discovering my gr gr grandmother's tombstone and of 5 other ancestors in a Haddington graveyard
*Meeting David and his rabbit-killer dog
*Hunting for Pict stones in Angus
*The Lossiemouth Folk Festival!
*An overdose of Prehistoric + Pict stones.
*Chilling in Inverness + the Black Isle
*A day at the Scottish Bahai Summerschool
*Sen gives a talk at the Bahai Studies Seminar
*Taking down our installations in Carlisle
*Overkill of castle and church ruins in Yorkshire
*Sen gives a talk in a tree in Regents Park, London
*Lots of art shows in London
*Castles and estates south of London
*Stonehenge, Avebury + being in a crop circle
*Haily Abbey + Kenilworth Castle
*Norfolk coast and art in Norwich

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