Monday, September 21, 2009

Open Monument Weekend in Amsterdam + Leiden

On Saturday 12th of September, Sen and I cycled around Amsterdam visiting the Huburtus huis (rainbow coloured banisters with lots of light and appartments designed for single mothers of young children) and few old mansions before visiting Claire + Tahirih.

On Sunday we cycled around Leiden and these photographs are from our visit to the Leiden Museum of Weaving (Wevershuis) which had demonstrations and displays of weaving from the ages. Sen and I exhibited our art in this atmospheric museum last year. See the youtube film I made from this here

And speaking of atmospheric we now have work in another part of the old city centre of Leiden. In a hairstylist shop that has been in business in this location since 1872.
See my future page for details of where and the opening hours. There's also a page linked to this with a list of the artwork in the show.
It is on till December 31st

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